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Our services

  • Project Management

  • Insurance Work

  • Wallpaper Application/Stripping

  • Spray Painting Airless Spraying

  • Two Pack Epoxy Coating

  • Lead Management

  • Pool Painting & Restoration

  • Joinery, Tiling, Roofing, Electrical & Plumbing

Lead Treatment

If you have an older property, you’ll be glad to know that Platinum staff have completed the lead paint and asbestos management course, CPCCPD3011A. This allows us to safely test, remove or fully encapsulate lead paint.

We follow the AS43612:1998 specification of lead paint stripping and management, allowing us to leave your home free of hazardous lead.

Lead paint removal is a specialist area for us, with encapsulation, vented air HEPA filtering and documented debris removal by an Authorised Certified Hazardous Goods Removal Service.

Platinum provide our clients with:

  • SRS lead paint removal procedure.

  • Full personal protective equipment.

  • Ceiling to floor encapsulation as required.

  • Constant vacuum of debris.

  • HEPA filtered ventilation.

  • Use of a certified hazardous goods removal service.

Electrostatic Spraying

If you want to paint metal which has previously been powder-coated or which are very ornate, then electrostatic coating applications are the answer.

Our spray operators use Electro equipment, which statically charges the atomised coating as it leaves the spray head. The positively charged paint particles then seek out a metal surface and ‘wrap’ the paint around it.

Work is done at your premises, with minimal downtime and a reduction in costs compared to dismantling and removing the structure. With this method you don’t just save money and time, but also the environment as you use less paint and avoid having to install new fittings.

Pressure Washing

If required, we will pressure wash the outside of your property to make sure that the new paint being applied adheres to the surface correctly to achieve the best finished result.

Routine power washing can also help you to maintain your new finish and can be scheduled into a maintenance agreement. This is particularly useful for areas of high air pollution, such as the CBD, in order to keep on top of dirt and grime.

Pressure washing isn’t just limited to the outside of buildings. We can also clean up your decking, sidewalks, parking lots and fences to remove debris, moss and graffiti.

Quality Maintenance Work

Platinum maintenance offer the highest quality general home and commercial property maintenance and cleaning repairs across the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Lower North Shore.

With over 25 years experience, we will treat your home, investment or business with total respect, carrying out any needed handyman repairs in a quick and timely fashion with as little fuss or disruption as possible.

We offer competitive maintenance pricing and a work guarantee of 12 months to ensure peace of mind.

Swimming Pool & Aquatic Painting

Platinum uses a 2-pack Epoxy Coating System which is excellent for all new swimming pool applications and can be used to give a beautiful luxury finish to older pools.

Epoxy Coatings are also well suited for application over old and new cement render, fibreglass, marblesheen and also previously painted epoxys.

Once cured, Epoxy Coatings provide a smooth surface which is very easy to maintain. All Epoxy Coatings feature a durable finish with resistance to the effects of salt-water and chlorinated chemicals, is algae controlled and safe for use with fish and mammals

Platinum cleans and prepares your pool all you need to do is chose your color!